Participants with the Facilitator

Participants with the Facilitator

The European Union, through the Agents for Citizen-Driven Transformation (ACT) Programme, has strengthened D-Ability Initiative’s capacity on leadership and Board Governance. The training took place at Novotel Hotel in Port Harcourt.  Some of the key takeaways from the training included:

  • The meaning of leadership
  • Types of leadership:
    • organizational leadership
    • paternalistic leadership
    • activist leadership
    • managerial leadership
    • catalytic leadership among others.

It was just so inspiring to learn that dimensions of leadership include:

  • awareness
  • vision and
  • ability to communicate effectively.

There was a series of group works to help all participants internalize what has been taught. There were also plenary sessions in which the Executive Director of D-Ability Initiative presented for group 2.

Participants also learned that misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable, however, some actions can be taken to ensure that there is unity among the constituents of every organisation, some of which include

  • the ability to build team spirit,
  • giving everyone a sense of ownership,
  • treating everyone without partiality
  • clearly communicating goals,
  • delegating responsibilities and
  • averting mistrust, misconceptions, and suspicion.

Every organizational leadership must take to heart the issue of gender and social inclusion (GESI) and must strive to mainstream GESI in all their programming.

The presenter, Professor Umar also stated that emotional intelligence, commitment to the organization, open-mindedness, and courage are among the very admirable qualities of Board members which would enable them to make some tough decisions that will benefit the organization in the short and long run, even when they seem unpopular at the moment

We at D-Ability Initiative are motivated to improve the composition and effectiveness of our Board of Trustees and the Governing Board.

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