Dehat Ability Support Initiative, also known as ‘D-Ability Initiative’ is a non-profit organization that focuses on inspiring, supporting, and empowering persons with special needs (disabilities) in Nigeria. D-Ability Initiative does this through engagement in sustainable advocacy, public sensitization, provision of support, community mobilization, participatory engagement, and inclusive interventions in Nigeria. D-Ability Initiative strives to rebrand the face of Disabilities by changing the way our society views persons with special needs. 

Why ?                         

Because millions of persons with disabilities in Nigeria live in poverty as a result of the unprecedented unemployment rate, inadequate education, lack of skills, unjustified exclusion, stigmatization, and other setbacks. We are passionate about enhancing their potential. We want a world where anyone can engage independently and effectively with persons with special needs without the usual barriers or stigma in place. 

It started as a small Community-Based Organization, operating at the grassroots with focus on supporting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. In 2017, Dehat Ability Support Initiative was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. 

Meet the Founder/Executive Director

Dehat Founder

Dr. Kingdom U. Nwanyanwu

Founder/ Executive Director
Dr. Nwanyanwu is a frontline fighter against stigmatization of persons with disabilities, a responsibility he has shouldered for over 20 years. He is an Obama Leader; a Young African Leader; a Mandela Washington Fellow; a Disability Rights Activist; an International Civic Leader, a Peer Educator Trainer; an American Sign Language expert; a Public Speaker; and an Academic. He has international experience in leadership. A relentless Activist for persons with special needs, and also an ardent believer in their potential. Dr. Nwanyanwu undertook international leadership courses and roundtable meetings at various institutions and organizations in the US and Africa, such as: Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.; Wagner College in New York; Irondale Theatre in Brooklyn, New York; Howard University in Washington D.C; United Nations Headquarters in New York; Generation Citizen in Manhattan; Carnegie Corporation of New York; Lifestyle for the Disabled in New York; African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg; among others. Prior to the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he undertook an Immersion Course in American Sign Language (ASL) at Gallaudet University, He later returned to Gallaudet University for his Professional Development Experience (PDE). While at Gallaudet, he learned Deaf Culture and had firsthand experience in Deaf education, administration, and best practices. He presented lectures to both undergraduates and postgraduate students. He also gave a Campus-wide presentation to students and the entire Faculty members at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. USA. You can contact Dr. Kingdom U. Nwanyanwu for events/programmes facilitation, partnership, and collaboration. He can be reached through e-mail:


Dr. Catherine O’Brien

Dr. Catherine O’Brien

International Researcher, Associate Professor, Department of Government and Public Affairs, Gallaudet University, Washington D.C

Barr. (Mrs) Hafsat S. Dange

Barr. (Mrs) Hafsat Sahabi Dange

Corporate lawyer; Manager & Head, Corporate Affairs Commission, Sokoto State , Nigeria; Founder & President, Nigeria Association of Northern Women Entrepreneurs (ANWE); Mandela Washington Fellow

Dr. Emilia Chukwuma

Dr. Emilia Chukwuma

Chartered Public Accountant; Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Business, Gallaudet University, Washington D.C . U.S.A

Mrs. Nneamaka Faith Mokwe

Mrs. Nneamaka Faith Mokwe

Special Needs Educationist, Behavioural Management Specialist, International Civic Leader; Founder & CEO, Eliakim Global Resources Limited; Mandela Washington Fellow.